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ECREEE in cooperation with its partners  from the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) including Brazil, Ghana, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA, UNDP, UNEP, UN FAO, and the UN Foundation, organized a regional bioenergy forum from the 19th – 22rd March 2012 in Bamako, Mali. The forum initiated an international dialogue and peer-to-peer learning to support the ECOWAS Member States in developing their bioenergy strategies, which will help meet their energy needs and create a vibrant and sustainable modern bioenergy sector that promotes economic growth, rural development, and poverty alleviation. 

The Forum presented new methods and information developed by GBEP Partners and Observers on assessing the economic, environmental and social benefits and challenges of modern bioenergy.  Special emphasis was given to the means to promote simultaneously food and energy security and the possibility of alleviating the negative health and environmental effects that derive from the use of traditional biomass fuelwood for cooking. Furthermore, the Forum provided concrete examples of success stories from Africa and presented policy tools from UNEP, FAO and the Global Bioenergy Partnership that can promote the creation of a sustainable bioenergy sector that can drive economic growth without harming environmental and social conditions, and even improve them.


At the end of the Forum, a Regional Bioenergy Strategy Framework was adopted which seeks to enable and promote domestic and foreign investments that help address energy poverty prevailing in the region  both  in rural  and peri-urban populations, without  compromising food security and environment.
The development of this Strategy  would be based on the following key components:
  1. Resource Assessment and Planning
  2. Policies and Strategies
  3. Knowledge sharing
  4. Capacity building
  5. Financing mechanisms and resource mobilization
Below you can find further information on the strategic framwork, discussions and presentations at the forum. (Press release is available here)

ECOWAS Regional Bioenergy Strategy Framework.pdf

pdf, 395.3K, 04/11/12, 145 downloads

ECOWAS Regional Bioenergy Forum - Concept Note.pdf

pdf, 454.3K, 02/18/12, 195 downloads

Final Programme.pdf

pdf, 712.8K, 04/11/12, 81 downloads

Presentations during the Forum

I.II.I ECOWAS-UNDP Regional Report.pdf

pdf, 3.1M, 04/06/12, 58 downloads

I.II.II Country Assessment Reports-Ghana.pdf

pdf, 288.6K, 04/06/12, 85 downloads

I.II.II Country Assessment Reports-Senegal.pdf

pdf, 236.8K, 04/06/12, 99 downloads

IV.I Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.pdf

pdf, 1.8M, 04/06/12, 44 downloads

IV.IV Pyrolysis and bio-char for soil enrichment.pdf

pdf, 1.8M, 04/06/12, 48 downloads

VI.III Policies for Sustainable Bioenergy.pdf

pdf, 2.2M, 04/06/12, 57 downloads

VII.I The GBEP Environmental Indicators.pdf

pdf, 1.3M, 04/06/12, 49 downloads

VII.II The GBEP Social Indicators.pdf

pdf, 920.9K, 04/06/12, 53 downloads

VII.III The GBEP Economic Indicators.pdf

pdf, 400.1K, 04/06/12, 73 downloads

VIII.II Successful financing for smallholders.pdf

pdf, 2.5M, 04/06/12, 41 downloads

VIII.IV Cleanstar Mozambique.pdf

pdf, 2.4M, 04/06/12, 53 downloads

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Call for Proposals


ECREEE has launched the following Calls for Proposal for development and execution of National Renewable Energy Action Plans and Policies;
elaboration of Baseline and Mid-Term Monitoring Reports for the ECREEE; and to Support the Development of the ECOWAS Initiative on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.



WACCA 1st regional stakeholders workshop

23-25 April 2013, Ouagadougu

ECREEE and its partners are organizing the first regional stakeholders workshop of the West African Clean Cooking Alliance (WACCA).



Request for Proposals

13 March, 2013

ECREEE in collaboration with its SEEA-WA partners is seeking for proposals to support the development of the ECOWAS Initiative on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.



ECREEE and GIZ explore new areas for cooperation

22 January 2013

ECREEE and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH met on the 22nd of January 2013 to discuss potential areas for collaboration in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, in the ECOWAS region.



RETScreen trainings in Liberia and Niger


The next RETScreen trainings are undertaken in Niger, from 10 to 14 December 2012 and in Liberia, from 17 to 20 December 2012