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2nd Coordination Meeting of ECREEE-NFIs

The second ECREEE coordination meeting with the National Focal Institutions (NFIs) took place im Kumasi, Ghana, on 27 August 2011. In the meeting the 2012 work plan, the 2011 status report, the ECREEE Business Plan, the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Facility (EREF), the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Observatory (EREO) and the Supporting Energy Efficiency for Access in West Africa (SEEA-WA) project were discussed. 


Agenda and Presentations

ECREEE-NFI Coord Meeting Agenda EN.doc

doc, 275K, 08/31/11, 80 downloads

ECREEE-NFI Coord Meeting Agenda FR.docx

docx, 137,4K, 08/31/11, 71 downloads

ECREEE-NFI Coord Meeting Agenda PT.doc

doc, 163,5K, 08/31/11, 79 downloads

NFI-Meeting Statut Report-fr.pdf

pdf, 972,2K, 08/31/11, 55 downloads

ECREEE_Business Plan.pdf

pdf, 2,6M, 08/31/11, 43 downloads

ECREEE observatory.pdf

pdf, 1,7M, 08/31/11, 43 downloads

ECREEE EREF 1st Screening.pdf

pdf, 2,7M, 08/31/11, 58 downloads

ECREEE Investment Pipeline.pdf

pdf, 548,8K, 08/31/11, 58 downloads

SEEA-WA-Project-NFIs-meeting-Kumasi 270811-fr.pdf

pdf, 503,7K, 08/31/11, 67 downloads

2nd NFI Coordination Meeting

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